Debs Price

Debs Price was an ordinary person who spent her life achieving extraordinary things, usually to help other people help themselves. Despite being seriously ill with cancer for 5 years, she made the time to continue to help young people and also helped other cancer sufferers through their treatment.Debs

Here is an extract from the tribute paid at the memorial service for Debs in March 2013, which provides insight into the sort of woman she was and why she inspired people to help others:
“I can honestly say I have never come across anyone like Debs. Since the day I met her I saw something incredibly special about this charismatic, fun, intelligent, efficient, knowledgeable, smiley individual.

It wasn’t long before I realised just how special she was when I discovered how ill she was and she still gave 100% in everything she did. In fact I would say 110% as it was always Debs who put her hand up if you needed something done- anything, even in the middle of chemo she was up for literally everything. She was a total inspiration to everyone throughout those years and we all loved her dearly for it.”

Debs was always fun- always full of chat, jokes, songs, concern for others and total optimism –even when very often the position-usually her own-was dire- she devoted her time to encourage others to help themselves.

Her fun was part of the reason people loved her so much-and were so inspired by her.”

The Debs Price Foundation

Debs’ creed was to help people to help themselves. Whether by helping them to enjoy reading-and thus improve their education and prospects, or through SourceCards which give the financially excluded a chance to move on and rebuild their lives.

The Debs Price Foundation has been established firstly to encourage young people of Primary School age to read and secondly to enable people and companies to make a real difference by giving directly to people impacted by poverty, hunger, energy poverty, disability, homelessness and many other social problems.

By registering with the Debs Price Foundation, donors can receive gift aid and other tax breaks on their donations.

Working closely with SourceCards, the Debs Price Foundation revolutionises the way charity is provided with minimal administrative overheads.

Donations are targeted directly at individuals in need and can only be spent with suppliers who sign up to SourceCards’ charitable ethos and rules.

Beneficiaries are empowered to help themselves: “a hand up-not a hand out”

Beneficiaries using SourceCards are carefully selected by organisational case workers.

SourceCards™ are distributed to individuals in need by the Case Workers for support organisations such as charities, aid organisations and local authorities. SourceCards have discrete wallets for essential goods and services such as food, travel, clothing and household goods, utilities and rent.

The funds in each wallet can only be spent with suppliers who have signed up to SourceCards™ objectives and ethos.

The combination of The Debs Price and SourceCards provider is a smarter way to make a difference to those in need.

SourceCards provide regular expenditure reports to donors.