Primary School Literacy

The Foundation has partly funded a special needs unit for St Christopher’s School, Langford, Oxfordshire, close to where Debs lived. Debs was a governor of the school and volunteered to help young people to enjoy reading.

The Debs Price Foundation will support similar projects.

To read more about this unit- Debs’ Den- click here.


SourceCards™ provides an innovative way to help the socially and financially disadvantaged, by providing them with a card which allows them to pay for their essential goods and services. SourceCards can be funded from multiple sources including public, charitable and private funds.

SourceCards encourage the disadvantaged to take responsibility for resolving their problems, reduce the stigma of their circumstance, and give them appropriate financial help.

SourceCards™ works with support agencies, suppliers and donors to resolve social problems such as hunger, fuel poverty, disability, unemployment and lack of banking facilities.

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