The Debs Price Foundation

Debs’ creed was to help people to help themselves. Whether by helping them to enjoy reading-and thus improve their education and prospects, or through SourceCards which give the financially excluded a chance to move on and rebuild their lives.

The Debs Price Foundation has been established firstly to encourage young people of Primary School age to read and secondly to enable people and companies to make a real difference by giving directly to people impacted by poverty, hunger, energy poverty, disability, homelessness and other social problems.

SourceCards are issued by organisations who can identify people in need, and funds are placed in restricted wallets on SourceCards which can only be spent on essentials such as food, travel, utilities, essential goods and accommodation.

Working closely with SourceCards, the Debs Price Foundation revolutionises the way charity is provided, with minimal administrative overheads.

Donations are targeted directly at individuals in need and can only be spent with suppliers who sign up to SourceCards’ charitable ethos and rules.

Beneficiaries are empowered to help themselves: “a hand up-not a hand out.”

SourceCards provide regular expenditure reports to donors.

By registering with the Debs Price Foundation, donors can receive gift aid and other tax breaks on their donations to SourceCard holders.